Voice Disorders

Our voice is us. Altering one's voice implies a major change in Self-Identity. Voice disorders are less frequently found. Voice disorders manifests as phonatory deviations. There is no single standard of pitch, intensity or quality while talking. Based on these 3 features following classification can be studied.


Intensity (Loudness)


Hoarseness Of Voice Due To:

a) Misuse of voice
b) Teacher's throat-Over use or abuse of voice.
c) Shouting.

a) Spastic Dysphonia due to lesion in extra pyramidal tract Aphonia or hoarseness due to vocal cord-paralysis

a) Puberphonia ie. a high-pitched voice in man due to Oedipus complex
b) Hysterical Aphonia due to mental tensions

Structured deformities like:
a) Nasal voice due to Cleft lip + Palate
b) Eg- Hypo / Hyper nasal voice due to Short palate, Velo Pharyngeal Incompetence (VPI)

a) Aphonia created due to Laryngectomee (cancer of larynx)

a) Dysphonias - Arising out of VC nodules and polyp

Vocal Cord During Breathing                           Vocal Cord Nodules

At 'nirmitee' our experts from various professional fields after having done subjective as well as objective analysis offer counselling, evaluation, assessment, differential diagnosis, and treatment program for all the above mentioned Disorders. Rapport building is easy with ample space and a relaxed environment. Computer aided programmes for most of the disorders makes treatment program interesting and objective for learning the right approach. It brings flavor of latest technology at our professional set up.

Age Range
All Age Group.

Generally good if treated with lot of patience. Counseling done repeatedly may help them keep good vigilance.