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About Us

'Nirmitee'stands for "Foundation". We believe that if an individual's foundation is sound and strong, even the sky is not the limit.

Loud & Clear stands for ''Awareness", clarity of thought, confidence in expression & encouragement in attitude. The Director, Mrs. Shaila Vora's interest in the field of Dyslexia has now evolved 'Nirmitee' into a full fledged diagnostic, counselling, remedial and rehabilitation center. She had always had a great passion to teach and carry out research. One of her papers; Effects of Time and Type of Surgery in Cleft Lip and Palate, along with Dr. Ravin Thatte, was accepted at the International Conference for Plastic Surgeons (1993) in Australia. Her paper, "Stuttering as Secondary to Learning Difficulty" received a standing ovation at the silver jubilee conference of the All India Speech and Hearing Association (1992 - 93). Interestingly enough, her research always involved a multi-disciplinary approach. Integrated approach is one of the fundamental beliefs of 'Nirmitee'. At our clinic we offer a comprehensive all-rounded approach as a result of the presence of the following professionals:-

Professional Workforce At Our Integrated Clinic
  • Language Therapists
  • Special Educators
  • Counselors
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Audiologists

Special Features 'About Us'

'Nirmitee' offers comprehensive services through a network of dedicated professionals.

An Integrated & Multi - Disciplinary Approach Under One Roof

A) 'Nirmitee'

  1. It is an Integrated Clinic for Counselling, Assessment, Remediation and Rehabilitation of all communication disorders under ONE roof.
  2. Informal playway method is the main therapeutic measure at 'Nirmitee'. We have tremendous faith in the same.
  3. All our professionals at 'Nirmitee' and 'Loud and Clear' keep abreast with the latest development in all our concerned as well as related fields. Attending ongoing education seminars, symposiums, workshops and conferences are our regular affairs. Facility to offer -Sensory Integration, Mekaton vocabulary Program, Instrumental Enrichment Program, PREP reading enhancement program and Circle time are the end result of all these.
  4. A very sophisticated set up is our pride. Our spacious clinic offers comfort and relaxation. Updating not only our games, toys, activity materials and library but also technical equipment is our constant lookout.
  5. All the professionals at 'Nirmitee' and 'Loud & Clear' discuss every case minimum once a week. During such clinical meetings; we share our observations and findings creating a complete and concrete team approach. We develop individual customized therapy plan, and maintain written records for every case.
  6. Home programmes are our unique feature. Perhaps, we are the only language and communication clinic in India to offer home programmes for outstation patients / clients, for most disorders mentioned on the home page. For some disorders, audio cassettes for practicing have also been developed. To order home programmes over the internet, contact us for more information.
  7. Most importantly, we very earnestly put in extra efforts to coordinate with other medicos and professionals, including the school principal and class teachers wherever the need be.
  8. The complete facility to test the dyslexic child adheres to the requirement for certification for the provisions offered by the SSC, ICSE and HSC boards.

B) Loud & Clear

From 'Loud and Clear', a completely computerized lab is our offer to clients who are interested in a scientific approach for selection and fitting of hearing aids.

We cater to our clients for hearing aid trials with models that are considered to be the superior-most globally at that point in time. Ethical work in this professional field is our motto. We do keep all ranges and types of hearing aids.

The names of some companies are mentioned below:-
  • Widex (Swedish)
  • Starkey (American)
  • Danavox (Denmark)
  • Viennatene
  • Arphi
  • Siemens etc.
The following are types of hearing aids we keep:-
  • In the Canal
  • Behind the Ear
  • Pocket Model
For more information about hearing aids in general or any particular type, Contact us.

Furthermore, we also have the facility to make customized ear-moulds.


5-7 cases (twice-thrice) a week / month about 25 years ago to 70-80 cases (twice-thrice) a week / month presently. The following table will throw light on the progress of 'Nirmitee' and 'Loud and Clear'

Year Number of Cases/Year No. of Sessions Per Year No. of Outstation Patients/Year-For Home Programmes Only
1978 84 720-960 8 To 10
2001 950-1000 7000-7200 200 to 250