What Is A Hearing Aid?

A hearing Aid is in simple terms a mini loudspeaker with a microphone, an amplifier and a receiver as its main components. It functions by helping pick up, intensify/amplify and deliver sound to our ears. The microphone picks up the sound waves and converts them into electronic signals. The signal is amplified by an amplifier whose strength can be adjusted by means of a volume control. A receiver reconverts the amplified electronic signals into sound. An ear mould rests in the ear and is made in such a way that it fits the users ears well, giving wearing comfort and enabling the sound to be channeled properly in the ear.

1) Hearing Instruments

Every Hearing Aid Manufacturing company offers hearing instruments in a variety of styles, sizes, technology levels and even colors to help find the best instruments for your needs. The Hearing instruments in this brochure are especially suitable for quiet listening environments, and can help you
  1. Enjoy Everyday sounds like birds Chirping.
  2. Watch Television at the same volume as others.
  3. Feel at ease in casual conversations.
  4. Look forward to card games with friends.

2) Natural Sound, Incredible Features

With its unique features, ADVANCE DIGITAL HEARING AID makes it easier to experience a world of natural sound, no matter what the situation
  1. Not only is speech more intelligible, but you can hear a wide range of sounds too.
  2. Speech can be easier to hear as ADVANCE DIGITAL HEARING AID, moves otherwise inaudible sounds into lower frequencies where you can better understand them.
  3. Hearing high frequency sounds such as birdsong or music can sometimes be a challenge for those with a hearing loss. ADVANCE DIGITAL HEARING AID makes high frequency sounds audible again.
  4. Annoying whistling or feedback is easily dealt with and eliminated in both ears.
  5. A dedicated relaxation and tone program plays a range of random, harmonic tones that can help you relax. It can also help manage the effects of tinnitus.
  6. Hearing Aids are designed for more comfort and clarity.