What Is Cochlear Implant?

Halfway through the eighties the first attempts were made at operating on patients with a completely a functional cochlea but a still functional auditory nerve. The auditory nerve had to be sensitive to stimulation.

At the operation one or several electrodes ( as many as 22) are inserted into the cochlea. These electrodes are connected with a small induction coil. This coil is implanted in the mastoid. On his body the patient wears a so-called processor, which processes sound from the outside in such a way that optimal use is made of the low dynamics of the auditory nerve. Via another coil and a magnet on the outside of the mastoid this processor is connected with the implant. In this way it is possible to convert sounds into a signal to which the auditory nerve reacts. It is still not understanding of speech , but the 'new' information ( sound & rhythm) is of great value to the previously deaf person in lip-reading and in controlling his own voice.

Which Companies Cochlear Implants Are Available?

Companies like 'Nucleus' , 'Medal', & 'Cochlea' have cochlear implants with electrodes ranging from 9 to 22 costing between 5 lacs to 12 lacs.