At 'Loud & Clear' Hearing Aid Center

  • Established since 35 years
  • Director Shaila. P. Vora is a 2nd senior most private practitioner in the field of Audiology.
  • We do not promote any one company...
  • We prefer to give the best suited Hearing aid to the patient and to his life style needs.
We offer a Complete range of services for Hearing Impairment including
  1. Complete Audiometric testing for hearing loss
  2. Pre- and post-surgical hearing testing Hearing Aid trails
  3. Custom-made ear moulds ( U V moulds )
  4. Top 10 Co.'s-leading international manufacturers' Hearing Aids
  5. Most reasonable and competitive rates
  6. Pocket ( Conventional ) Models
  7. Behind the Ear ( B T E ) : Hearing aids fitted behind the ear
  8. In the canal ( I T C ) Customized for excellent clarity of sound impulses and Hearing
  9. Completely in the canal (C I C and IIC ) : Invisible and tailor made to individual needs.
All the above model of hearing aids are Digitally programmable and Computerized We also cater to the need for group Hearing Aids and FM systems at charitable rates for Deaf/School for Hard of Hearing & for the institutional set up.

A) ‘LOUD & CLEAR’ Hearing Aid Centre offers…

  1. Counseling, Audio-Visual for awareness on… “HEARING” - (our most ALERT SENSE) by experienced professionals/audiologists.
  2. Choice of more than 500 Hearing Aid Models to fit everyone’s budget.
  3. Most Reasonable to Most Elite & Sophisticated.
  4. Large Choice of Digital Hearing Aids.
  5. Conventional models to Invisible models.
  6. The only Hearing Aid Centre in South Mumbai that offers Hearing Aid from all leading companies of the world - PICK YOUR CHOICE FROM more than 500 models from Unitron, Widex, Starkey, Siemens, Resound, Oticon, Phonak, Beltone, Electone, Rexton, Cosalgi, Alps, Arphi, Elkon, Sonic, Amplifone, Bernafone, Hansatone
  7. All Hearing Aids with worldwide warranty.
  8. Prompt after sale services OF ALL BRANDS
  9. Installment offers.
  10. Exchange offers.
  11. Enjoy the luxury of parking, spacious and well equipped clinic for your convenience…

If you are

  • Hard Of Hearing?
  • Looking for the best possible Treatment?
  • Do you think you are not benefiting with the Aid that he/she is presently using?
  • Do you need up gradation of the Hearing Aid?
  • Are you tired of constant complaints for Repair?
  • Are you getting apt response from your Audiologist? When you have repairs to make?
  • Are you procuring Hearing Aid from an Audiologist? Or an Engineer? Or a Medical Appliance company? Who either has constant change in Audiologists or does not have permanent Address? Have you ever asked them their qualification?

  • There are more than 8-10 different leading manufacturers of Hearing Aids globally, now representing in India with their Repair Centers. And similar no. of manufacturers from  within India.
  • Did you know that almost all of the Hearing Aids Available abroad are now available in India?. And that they are priced at much reasonable cost in India than in most of the western countries? If You have a NRI patient he can avail much better model of Hearing Aid within the limit of their Insurance/ national Health Care?
  • Did you know that Govt. Of India reimburses the cost of Hearing Aid availed by their employee and their dependents?

Looking for solution for all the above under one roof ? At permanent Address?

These are a few facts that give ‘Loud and Clear’ an edge over many other individual practitioners, (audiologists and engineers) individual clinics and individual companies that are into dispensing Hearing Aids.

B) Why Select ‘Loud and Clear’

At Loud and Clear we…
  1. Have a very well equipped and technically sophisticated setup vs. under equipped clinics. Have goodwill of over 27 years vs. budding, inexperienced beginners.
  2. Have a huge choice of selection of trial pieces from best of the 10 Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers' From the Globe (conventional pocket models, BTE, ITC and Invisible – Digital Computerized…all) vs. no/ fewer number of trial pieces/ or individual company products.
  3. Are Expert in Digital Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming.
  4. Have Audiologists directly trained and Certified at the parent Companies abroad (in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, U.S. etc) and they keep abreast with latest developments/ products through training. Vs. Fresh and under exposed, under experienced and under trained Audiologists.
  5. Have round the clock audiologists for services and repairs required after dispensing vs. Roaming audiologists and engineers who practice this line.
  6. Have a spacious and secured environment with permanent address and parking vs. small places and cumbersome to reach clinics.
  7. Have a Support System in the form of Speech and Language Therapy as a follow up for congenital HOH patients at a permanent address.
  8. Have a scientific, ethical and non-fraudulent practice vs. known fraudulent practice in this profession.
  9. Offer testing and trials free on dispensing.
  10. Have senior Audiologists who are in direct contact with parent manufacturers abroad for any special technical assistance required for individual patients.
  11. Have Audiologists recognized and certified by RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India).

C) Our Professional Contributions

  1. 35 years of Professional Practice
  2. Professor – TN Medical College, Nair Hospital, Mum.
  3. 2nd senior most Private Practicing Audiologist in entire India
  4. Many Research Paper Presentations and Publications - National & international Conferences.
  5. President & Board Member – All India Speech & Hearing Association, Physio-Occu-Speech Therapist’s Assoc., Nair Hosp.-Past Student’s Assoc.
  6. Trained directly at parent Co. of top 10 Hearing Aid Manufacturer Co.-MNC with Global Representation.
  7. One of the Senior-most in India in her Profession.
  8. More than 500 Workshops for professional’s training in Dyslexia in India & neighboring countries –All govt. schools of Goa & Gujarat
  9. Put up a School for Dyslexics & another for Slow Learners
  10. Developed a post-grad diploma course for training in field of Dyslexia – 8 batches completed till date
  11. Presently writing a book on home remedies for Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia
  12. Extra-curricular: Completed BharatNatyam,
  13. Indian Classical Singing, State level Cyclist