Home programmes

Home programmes are our unique feature. Perhaps, we are the only language and communication clinic in India to offer home programmes for outstation patients / clients, for most disorders mentioned on the home page. For some disorders, audio cassettes for practicing have also been developed. To order home programmes over the internet, contact us for more information.

Evaluation and Assessment

Of Academic Achievements, Intelligence, Motor,Social and Emotional Developement. Assess the strengths and weaknesses,aptitude and personality of each individual case. Receptive as well as Expressive Speech and Language Disorders.

Remedial Education

Aimed at teaching the child to develop individual strategies to over come problem areas. It builds attention spelling, reading, writing, mathematical and memory skill required for academic achivement.


To address the emotional needs of the child, build self-esteem and social skills. To modify behaviour and help both the child and the parent to develop a positive attitude. Teaching strategies for Goal-setting,problem-solving, Decision-making and Test Taking Skills.

Special Offer

For-quick and steady progress we coordinate with school authorities, medical professionals and parents in every individual case.

21st century, with its progress has also made life very fast and competitive. Stress is an everyday affair for all age groups including small children. Children are especially susceptible to ever increasing expectations from adults. With limited playtime and few elders to fall back upon, children's emotional development is thwarted after causing difficulties in learning and social adjustments.

Nirmitee understands this and has made special efforts to create homebound programs for all the disorders mentioned on our website / oval diagram to ensure smooth academic progress, healthy development and adequate social, emotional and thinking skills for the child to get over his difficulties.

Our Out Reach Networking (for home visit) comprises of a team of professionals such as Speech and Language therapist, Special Educators, Occupational therapists, Counselors and Audiologists. We will be offering our services extending from Cuffe Parade in South Bombay to Vashi in North Bombay and Virar in West Bombay. Our efforts in providing such services is backed by the goal to enable the child as well as the parent to enhance/ improve their skills at home, saving valuable time and energy otherwise spent in commuting.

Thus Nirmitee offers individual programs and special programs for educational institution for children.