Loud & Clear

From 'Loud and Clear', a completely computerized lab is our offer to clients who are interested in a scientific approach for selection and fitting of hearing aids.

We cater to our clients for hearing aid trials with models that are considered to be the superior-most globally at that point in time. Ethical work in this professional field is our motto. We do keep all ranges and types of hearing aids.

The names of some companies are mentioned below:-
  • Widex (Swedish)

  • Starkey (American)

  • Danavox (Denmark)

  • Viennatene

  • Arphi

  • Siemens etc.

The following are types of hearing aids we keep:-
  • In the Canal

  • Behind the Ear

  • Pocket Model

For more information about hearing aids in general or any particular type, Contact us.

Furthermore, we also have the facility to make customized ear-moulds.


5-7 cases (twice-thrice) a week / month about 25 years ago to 70-80 cases (twice-thrice) a week / month presently. The following table will throw light on the progress of 'Nirmitee' and 'Loud and Clear'

Year Number of Cases/Year No. of Sessions Per Year No. of Outstation Patients/Year-For Home Programmes Only
1978 84 720-960 8 To 10
2001 950-1000 7000-7200 200 to 250